Jansen/AI’s David Moore Interviewed About the Importance of Having a Home Inventory in Your Disaster Kit

Inventory Management

David MooreWhy should homeowners include a home inventory in their disaster kits? Jansen/Adjusters International’s Chief Operating Officer David Moore was recently interviewed by NerdWallet, the Associated Press, US News & World Report, MSN, Seattle Times, Washington Post, Business Insider, the Sacramento Bee and other media outlets about this important and timely topic.

Moore explained that when property owners lose everything in a disaster like Hurricane Harvey, they will then be required to list all of their possessions when filing an insurance claim. Not having a home inventory could cost you in the form of a lower insurance payout.

"You can lose thousands of dollars because you didn't include everything," said Moore.

When asked how someone can create a home inventory, Moore explained the challenging but important steps that must be taken in order to compile a complete list of someone’s possessions.

"Don't leave out little things — photos, trophies, knickknacks and books," Moore says. "Don't think that something's too small. If it's in your home, it's got some value."

Click here to read the full article, “Why Your Disaster Kit Needs a Home Inventory -- Here's how to create a home inventory to help you get an insurance payout that includes all of your possessions.”

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